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My Background


I have been shooting professional architectural and interior design photography for over 20 years. I have been privileged enough to be able to work with world renown clientele, in a variety of locations worldwide.

My Approach


I focus much of my attention on creating a shot that requires absolute minimal (often none) editing after the fact. I believe that a good photographer does not have to be a good photo editor. Most anything can be achieved with not only the proper equipment, but also the properly trained hands and eyes operating it. Timing and patience are large parts of a photographers skills, the ability to adapt in order to achieve a finished product that is not only top grade, but also exactly what the client has in mind.

Professional Photography


The concept of hiring a professional Architectural Photographer may sound a little odd to some. With many of my clients being in the property management, vacation rental, real estate and architecture award-show fields, it is rather clear to see how important professional photography services are. 

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